Book Reviews

Constructing a Consumer-Focused Industry: Cracks, Cladding and Crisis in the Residential Construction Sector

By D. Oswald and T. Moore. Routledge, 2022, ISBN 9781032007311

CARBON: A Field Manual for Building Researchers

By Matti Kuittinen, Alan Organschi, Andrew Ruff. Wiley, 2022, ISBN 9781119720775

Conceptualising Demand: A Distinctive Approach to Consumption and Practice

By Jenny Rinkinen, Elizabeth Shove, Greg Marsden. Routledge, 2020, ISBN 9780367465025.

Designing for the Climate Emergency: A Guide for Architecture Students

By Sofie Pelsmakers, Elizabeth Donovan, Aidan Hoggard, Urszula Kozminska. RIBA Publishing, 2022, ISBN 9781859469644

Concrete Cities: Why We Need to Build Differently

By Rob Imrie. Bristol University Press, 2021, ISBN 9781529220520

Reimaging Sustainable Cities: Strategies for Designing Green, Healthier, More Equitable Communities

By Stephen M Wheeler and Christina D Rosan. University of California Press, 2021, ISBN: 978052038121-6

Defensible Space on the Move: Mobilisation in English Housing Policy and Practice

By Loretta Lees and Elanor Warwick. RGS-IBG with Wiley, 2022, ISBN: 9781119500438

The Impact of Overbuilding on People and the Planet

By David A Ness. Cambridge Scholars Press, 2019, ISBN: 1527574709.

The Unsettling Outdoors: Environmental Estrangement in Everyday Life

By Russell Hitchings. RGS-IBG with Wiley, 2021, ISBN: 978-1-119-54915-4.

Routledge Handbook of Resilient Thermal Comfort

By Fergus Nicol, Hom Bahadur Rijal and Sue Roaf. Routledge, 2022, ISBN 9781032155975.

Climate Adaptation and Resilience Across Scales From Buildings to Cities

Edited by N.B. Rajkovich and S.H. Holmes. Routledge, 2022. ISBN 9780367467333

Visual Delight in Architecture: Daylight, Vision and View

by Lisa Heschong. Routledge, 2021. ISBN 9780367563233

Flourish: Design Paradigms for Our Planetary Emergency

By Sarah Ichioka and Michael Pawlyn. Triarchy Press, 2021, ISBN: 9781913743260

Work on the Move 3: Building Better Workplaces After the Pandemic

Edited By Michael Schley and Alexi Marmot. IFMA, 2021, ISBN: 9781737903222

Thermal Design of Buildings: Understanding Heating, Cooling and Decarbonization

by Phillip Jones. Crowood Press, 2021, ISBN: 9781785008986

London’s Global Office Economy: From Clerical Factory to Digital Hub

By Rob Harris. Routledge, 2021, ISBN: 9780367646721

Architecture & the Public Good

By Tom Spector. Anthem Press, 2021, ISBN: 9781785277344

The Venice Variations: Tracing the Architectural Imagination

by Sophia Psarra. UCL Press, 2018, ISBN: 9781787352391

Architecture: From Prehistory to Climate Emergency

By Barnabas Calder. Pelican, 2021, ISBN: 9780241396735

Latest Commentaries

Turkey and Syria Earthquake 2023. A devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the Turkish province of Kahramanmaras. Photo: Twintyre (Shutterstock).

In light of the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, David Oswald and Trivess Moore (RMIT University) reflect on the rights that inhabitants have for buildings to be safe, healthy, comfortable and robust. However, serial and various failings in the construction supply side and its oversight by governments mean greater accountability is needed.

Blind Spots in Energy Policy

As a policy practitioner who leads a national organisation representing households and small businesses in shaping the future of Australia’s energy system, Lynne Gallagher (Energy Consumers Australia) responds to the Buildings & Cities special issue, Energy, Emerging Technologies and Gender in Homes.  Insights from lived experience reveal blind spots in the design, provision and use of smart tech that adversely affect energy outcomes.

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