Aims & Scope

Buildings and Cities is an international, open access, peer-reviewed, academic journal publishing high quality research and analysis on the interplay between the different scales of the built environment.

Our Aims and Scope explains our range of topics, types of papers and focus on policy, practices and outcomes.

Key Principles

Read our 10 principles that provide the values underpinning our journal. These broadly explain the ethos and aspirations for what we do.

In addition to being a peer-review journal, we provide an intellectual space for engagement between researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

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Buildings and Cities - Advisory Board

Practitioner Panel

Meet our practitioner panel who advise us on Briefing Notes for practitioners and policymakers. We make research accessible not only for academics, but also for the end-users of research: policymakers, practitioners, clients and occupants.



Latest Commentaries

Publishing Books: Some Advice and Warnings

Philip Steadman (University College London) has authored a dozen books over 50 years. Reflecting on his own experiences, he offers some advice to new authors planning to publish books about architecture and building.

Christopher Alexander and 'Notes on the Synthesis of Form'

Philip Steadman (University College London) revisits and critiques this influential book by Christopher Alexander (1936-2022). Its method relies in part on the mathematics of set and graph theory, together with a computer technique for analysing complex systems and dividing them into their component sub-systems.